Monday, 13 February 2017

Love trance with Pencho Tod (DJ Energy - BG)

Love trance with Pencho Tod (DJ Energy - BG) exclusive at Radio DJ One (The Only Trance For You)





   From date 13.02.2017 to 19.02.2017 on the big show Special Guest you can listen and love trance with Pencho Tod (DJ Energy - BG) exclusive at Radio DJ ONE (The Only Trance For You). Here in this big show from Radio DJ ONE (The Only Trance For You)Pencho Tod (DJ Energy - BG) release for you in everyweek a new episode, now Energy Trance 408.

Love trance with Pencho Tod (DJ Energy - BG)

 Everyday at the same hours 18:00 CET and replay after 12 hours for America Time Zone on 06:00 CET you can listen the show radio Energy Trance with  Pencho Tod (DJ Energy - BG) from Bulgaria, only at Radio DJ ONE (The Only Trance For You).

Love trance with Pencho Tod (DJ Energy - BG)

                          Pencho Tod ( DJ Energy- BG ) - Energy Trance Vol 408

Time: 01:00:00 Hms
Size: 137 MB
Bitrate: 320kbps/ 44,1kHz
Genre: Trance, DJ Set
Release Date: 13.02.2017

01.Lange Ft Skye - Drifting Away (Alessandra Roncone Bootleg)
02.Phillip J Ft Kim Casandra - Sounds Of Time (Adam Ellis Remix
03.Ronski Speed Ft Linnea Schossow - Set Me To Light (Amir Hussain Remix)
04.Frank Dueffel - X-Rays (Original Mix)
05.RAM - Ramexico (Extended Mix)
06.Andrey Pashkov - Evolution (Original Mix)  
07.Reorder - Spirit Of Ecstasy (Extended Mix)
08.Nitrous Oxide - Neverending Dawn Of You (Cold Rush Remix)
09.Dominik Von Francois - 100 States Of Trance (Tristan Armes Remix)
10.Matt bukovski - Hold Back The Storm (Myde Remix)

Join us! for listening the best sound in trance, for listen and love trance with 
Pencho Tod (DJ Energy - BG) exclusive at Radio DJ ONE (The Only Trance For You).
Love trance with Pencho Tod (DJ Energy - BG)
Note for you!!!  
After one week, when finish to play this set mix on radio, you can download free this mix. You must check in site the page Store and Download. 

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