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Mark'Oh - Greatest Hits and Remixes @ Radio DJ ONE


Mark'Oh - Greatest Hits and Remixes @ Radio DJ ONE (Dance & Trance .:d-_-b:.) to the best radio online!



This Weekend @ Happy Hour from 7th & 8th March 2018, at 09:00 CET & replay at 21:00 CET, you can listen the album released on february 9th 2018 by Mark'Oh - Greatest Hits and Remixes @ Radio DJ ONE (Dance & Trance .:d-_-b:.) to the best radio online! Directly on site:
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Mark'Oh - Greatest Hits and Remixes @ Radio DJ ONE

                                       Mark'Oh - Greatest Hits and Remixes

Disk 1
Titel                    Länge
1. Tears Don't Lie 3:40
2. Never Stop That Feeling 2001 3:33
3. Love Song 2:58
4. The Right Way 4:12
5. Fade To Grey 3:59
6. I Can't Get No (wahaha) 3:38
7. Droste, Hörst Du Mich 3:42
8. The Sparrows And The Nightingales 3:18
9. Because I Love You 4:11
10. Tell Me 4:07
11. When The Childrens Cry 3:55
12. Rebirth 3:15
13. Your Love 3:43
14. Waves 3:38
15. Ultimate 4:06
16. Dreaming Of You 5:30
17. Stuck On You 3:59
18. Tears Don't Lie 2001 3:52
19. Let This Party Never End 3:53
20. Randy (never Stop That Feeling) 5:00

Disk 2
Titel                                                                        Länge
1. Randy (never Stop That Feeling) (Westbam Remix) 5:57
2. Tears Don't Lie (Hooligan Remix) 5:34
3. Love Song (Ravers Nature Remix) 5:09
4. Tell Me (Alex Christensen Remix) 6:23
5. I Can't Get No (Perplexer's Groovin Butterfly Mix) 4:46
6. Fade To Grey (Animated! Remix) 5:06
7. The Right Way (DJ Errik Mix) 6:48
8. Droste, Hörst Du Mich (A.W.e.X. Remix) 6:18
9. Tell Me (Ramon Zenker Remix) 5:24
10. Tears Don't Lie (O. Lieb Remix) 6:20
11. Randy (never Stop That Feeling) (DJ Hooligan Remix) 6:04
12. Midnight (Ghost Mix) 5:29
13. Droste, Hörst Du Mich (The Belgian Stallion Frenchcore Remix) 3:43


Mark 'Oh was one of the first German DJs to reach the status of a pop star.His number 1 hit "Tears Do not Lie" was one of the biggest rave tracks of the 90s.His album "Never Stop That Feeling" was in second place on the album charts, was awarded gold and stayed on the charts for 22 weeks.Now, this volume of Greatest Hits & Remixes is dedicated to him.CD1 contains all its big hits like TEARS DO NOT LIE, RANDY (NEVER STOP THAT FEELING), LOVE SONG, THE RIGHT WAY, FADE TO GRAY, I CAN NOT GET NO, DROSTE YOU HEAR ME, THE SPARROWS AND THE NIGHTINGALES and many more. CD2 includes a selection of the best remixes by WEST BAM,ALEX CHRISTENSEN (U96),DJ HOOLIGAN,RAVERS NATURE, A.W.E.X., RAMON ZENKER, PERPLEXER and more. Marko Albrecht (born 23 June 1970), known by his stage name Mark 'Oh, is a German disc jockey and electronic producer.Starting out with a rock band titled "Line Up", Mark decided to turn to the ever-growing rave scene under the name "Mark'Oh".Entering the scene as a DJ initially, Mark moved on to producing music - scoring chart success across Europe in 1993 with Randy (Never Stop That Feeling). The following year, hit single Love Song was to follow before scoring his first number one single in his native Germany and Sweden with Tears Don't Lie (inspired by the German 1974 hit Tränen lügen nicht performed by Michael Holm, which was itself based on the Italian hit Soleado, released in the same year).Though this was his sole number one hit in Europe, nearly two decades on, Mark is still releasing singles and producing albums. Mark still achieves some level of success in his native Germany.


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Mark'Oh - Greatest Hits and Remixes @ Radio DJ ONE
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