Saturday, 2 June 2018

Atragun - Younity @ Radio DJ ONE


Atragun - Younity @ Radio DJ ONE (Dance & Trance .:d-_-b:.) to the best radio online!






On 2nd & 3rd June 2018 (at 09:00 CET & 21:00 CET), you can listen @ Happy Hour, the album by Atragun - Younity @ Radio DJ ONE (Dance & Trance .:d-_-b:.) to the best radio online! 
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Atragun - Younity @ Radio DJ ONE

                                                Atragun - Younity

Andrew LaFleur (Atragun) at the age of six became fascinated with classical music and the piano, practicing hard to become a professional pianist. However all of that changed in 2001 upon hearing Discovery by Daft Punk. He was instantly hooked by the unique sounds that Daft Punk had to offer.Four years later after recovering from heart surgery, Andrew discovered Human After All and his interest in electronic music was revived, not by Daft Punk, but by a trance album. The sounds of Armin Van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, and Tiesto left a profound stamp on LaFleur's personality, and as such Andrew's crusade into the Trance world had begun.Flash forward a few years later,Andrew is one of the busiest young trance producers creating tomorrow's sounds, with releases on labels such as Embarcadero, Elliptical Sun, Alt Production, Mistique, Neverending Story and countless others. Two years ago, American producer Atragun took the music world by storm with his album "We Are The Revolution". Now exactly two years later, Atragun is ready to kick off the new year yet again by taking the music world by storm with his sophomore album:Younity. Younity presents a much different take on things, offering a message of coming together in uncertain times, and encouraging you, the listener to seek unity with one another. Featuring 16 brand new tracks, Atragun has crafted a musical journey that all music fans will not want to miss. Ranging from the upbeat Sunrise Boulevard, to the dark progressive dance floor hit Lost In Dreams with Pure Trance artist Tom Bro, to the emotional Too Soon with fellow American Floating Spirits, The insanely catchy vocals of Hidden Tigress in Rapid Fire, to the triumphant sounds of City Of Love with Turkmen Producer Meylis, and of course the emotional and thriling Younity. Atragun has come together with a bevy of both different producers and different sounds to create an album that will bring listeners together, and show that despite our differences, that we can come together under the umbrella of music and its incredible unifying abilities.


Welcome @ Radio DJ ONE (Dance & Trance .:d-_-b:.) to the best radio online!
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Atragun - Younity @ Radio DJ ONE
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